Consultation in Norway

NorthConnect are committed to consulting and communicating with stakeholders and the community regarding the project.
NorthConnect has carried out a variety of consultation work for the Norwegian side of the interconnector.

NorthConnect delivered a scoping report to Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) on the 16th February 2011, for the interconnector between Scotland and Norway.  The scoping report was sent out for public consultation by NVE on the 5th April 2011.

Download the 2011 Scoping Report here

On the basis of feedback from the public consultation NVE approved NorthConnect’s EIA programme on the 26th September 2011.  NorthConnect then entered into the process of developing the EIA and license application, holding several meetings with the Eidfjord and Samnanger municipalities, the Hordaland County and the Hordaland municipality.

Public consultation meetings were held in Eidfjord 25th September 2012, and in Samnanger 26th September 2012.  NorthConnect then applied for the License from NVE on 10th of January 2013, but NVE will need to wait for the government to overturn the ban on merchant cables in Norway’s Energy legislation, before they begin to handle the application.

Download the scope of work EIA Norway (Norwegian) (link)
Download the 2013 Norwegian EIA here (link)
Download the 2013 Licence Application here (link)

From September 2013 to October 2014, NorthConnect has had meetings with the Eidfjord Municipality executive board, in relation to securing a land option for the Norwegian converter station at Simadalen, near to the town of Eidfjord.

The planned public consultation process for the future will include meetings with local stakeholders which may be affected by NorthConnect’s preferred converter station location in Simadalen, and particularly stakeholders affected by the underwater cable route through Hardangerfjorden.

When NVE begin to handle the License application, the EIA will be sent out by NVE for a public hearing.  As a part of this public consultation process, NorthConnect will hold further public meetings in Eidfjord and Samnanger.  A further adjustment to the EIA will then be undertaken to take account of new feedback, and this will be sent out again by NVE for public consultation before they present their recommendations to the Norwegian Oil and Energy Ministry (MOPE), who will decide if a License should be granted.  A licence decision can be appealed to MOPE if desired which would enter into a further appeal process.